Our Story

At Western Farm Pet Crematory and Cemetery we understand that many Pet lovers may not be familiar with the Pet burial and crematory industry. We have included information within this site that may help you to understand why pet crematories and cemeteries are a growing part of our culture and an essential option for pet owners who have lost a beloved pet. You will also find tours that will take you through our facility.

We are a “FULL SERVICE” Pet Crematory and Cemetery. 

You may even find a glimmer of hope and healing in that beautiful urn displayed on your mantle or in your cherished pet’s private burial plot that you decorate with flowers and visit from time to time. Such mementos and other memorial keepsakes honor your pet’s life forever and serve as comforting reminders that your companion’s bright spirit will always shine in your heart.

From the innovative and comprehensive online tracking system, “Paws-e-Track,” to Certified Crematory Operators and Registered Pet Funeral Directors, Western Farm Pet Crematory and Cemetery is committed to achieving the highest level of accuracy and accountability for pet aftercare.

Western Farm Pet Crematory and Cemetery offers pet owners a sense of comfort and peace of mind, ensuring your pet’s aftercare will be handled in a way that is respectful, dignified and compassionate. At every step along the way, we promise to care for your pet as if it were our own.