Code of Ethics

As a member and strong supporter of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories (IAOPCC), we can assure you reliable, trustworthy, and respectful pet aftercare and memorial services. Formed to set standards for the pet aftercare industry, IAOPCC is a professional, nonprofit organization benefiting and protecting pet owners and veterinary professionals with whom we serve.

Members that pledge, such as Final Gift Pet Aftercare and Memorial Services, are required to uphold the highest industry standards of integrity and moral business practices. Always striving to raise the bar and level of the profession, members must additionally comply with all federal, state, and local pet crematory and burial laws.

Strict Code of Ethics and Standards

As a family owned and operated business for nearly a decade, we apply not only our own deeply rooted morals of compassionate, respectful service, but have also adopted and adhere to a strict code of ethics and pet aftercare standards set in place by the IAOPCC. This ensures quality, ethical business practices that comply with all federal, state, provincial, and local pet aftercare laws. In addition, members of the IAOPCC are required to:

  • Have an open door policy providing a physical location for clients and visitors to see its operations
  • Allow pet parents to view their pet’s body prior to cremation or burial and offer the opportunity to be present when the pet is being cremated or buried
  • Provide full disclosure of the pet identification and tracking process
  • Provide for a deed restriction and perpetual care fund for continuation and maintenance of the pet cemetery
  • Meet EPA air quality standards and comply with related local, state, provincial, and federal laws
  • Not misrepresent their services nor conduct their business in a fraudulent manner
  • Offer the utmost in quality care and services providing pet parents and their pets compassionate care
  • Have resources available for grief counseling services and grief education for families.
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